Changing Planet Solutions and it's sister company STERA are in "pilot mode" and access to this site is not publically available.  

You're the Change

We're the Solution

Changing Planet Solutions (CPS)  works with STERA,  Irelands largest Environmental Rating Agency , to support the decarbonisation of the supply chain.  STERA  is used by procurement departments to conduct due diligence on its supply chain to select suppliers with a good environmental record. 

CPS is poised to revolutionise how organisations, of all sizes,  manage their "Scope Three" emissions  and "map" their supply chain.  This is done in two ways:

1.  The STERA app (currently being tested in Ireland) provides environmental ratings on 40,000 Irish organisations and 58,000 European/ UK/US organisations. 2025 will see a roll out across Europe, Asia and the US. This makes it Ireland's largest Environmental Rating Agency.

2. CPS guides  organisations on how to decarbonise with no or minimal cost, thus achieving the best possible ESG rating.